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TVR/ALSCCA 2017 Barber Club Race

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  • TVR/ALSCCA 2017 Barber Club Race

    The 2017 Barber Club race is in the books and what a great weekend!
    My heartfelt thanks to:

    Chris Asmus Paddock Marshal Tech shed help
    Ricky Ragan Paddock Marshal
    Matt Ragan Paddock Marshal
    Rod Hardiman Pace Car driver and Paddock Marshal
    John Graham Pace Car radio operator and Paddock Marshal
    Sean Yoder Announcer
    Delanie Calhoun Tech shed help. Trophy Presenter. Equipment handler
    Serena Calhoun Tech shed help. Trophy Presenter
    Charley D’Ambrose Tech shed help
    Cody Niera Grid
    Andy Tow Trophy presenter Time Trial Safety Steward
    Robert Russom Trophy presenter
    Alan Branch Trophy presenter
    Nick Vagner Equipment handler

    This year was the biggest it’s ever been and these folks helped the club out immensely by seeing a need and taking care of it. That's all it takes. Seeing a need and taking care of it.

    We already have a few ideas to make next year more efficient for the move in but we’ll still need help from the club to make these events a success.

    A big thank you to our friends at TVR for all the work they do to make this race happen. Steve Conrad, Paul Tatum, Mark Rothermel, Charles Wright, Mike Cavanaugh, Leon Drake and Rich Crowell. I'll bet I missed a few names.

    Thank you!
    John W8
    CSP 10 Yellow Miata

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    If you volunteered for a position at the Barber race please be sure to record your volunteer participation time with SCCA. It can lead to a discount on your membership renewal.
    John W8
    CSP 10 Yellow Miata


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      I'll second the thanks given to those above and especially John Waight. John went out of his way to make this event possible and it is people like that - that keep it going.
      A lot of limited sleep nights and answering emails and questions and being up against Gridlife, plus starting a new job for myself made it an interesting time.
      If we want to do this we need as many people as we can get - this year saw several out-of-town help be unable to come due to surgeries and life in general.
      The reward is that a positive income was generated with a lower entry fee and that can help other projects or series.
      Barber already has us for the same weekend in 2018 and work has already begun - the big thing is Friday registration and how to PAT (polish a turd).
      Mark Rothermel
      SEDIV Time Trial Safety
      Tennessee Valley Region beat dahn old guy