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    Who has run with who and which ones do you like and which ones do you not? MVP? Chin? 10/10ths?
    Mark K
    1989 BMW 325i
    1990 BMW 325i
    2013 BMW 135i

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    I ran with iTrack Motorsports at AMP a couple of times. I had no issues with them and things were run smoothly.
    - Jerry Ledford
    '16 Ram 2500 Big Horn - daily driver / tow vehicle


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      Before I looked again to see who was asking, I typed "What level of experience are you, what do you drive, and where do you want to play?

      If you're a first-timer, do an ALSCCA Track Event (formerly known as PDX, formerly known as HPCCC) at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway to get some track time at a laid-back event at a track that's hard to get into big trouble on."

      For an experienced hard-charger, I'd say just about anybody who runs at Barber can be a good fit: the marque clubs, Chin, JustTrackIt, NASA MidSouth, etc. NASA and JTI are both fun folks in general, Chin has some seriously fast drivers and lots of track time, and the PCA and BMW folks both have good programs for all levels of experience.

      You're likely to see many of the same instructors at any of the events at BMP, so the quality of in-car instruction is similar, although Chin has gotten serious about the Motorsports Safety Foundation's instructor certification program.

      It's probably the same story wherever you choose to run: established programs are generally well run and entertaining, but beware of newer organizations with less experience.

      Of course, YMMV, contents may settle during shipping, etc.
      Chuck Schultz
      Another black(ish) Miata
      2007 Jetta GLI Fahrenheit or


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        Just Track It seems to be the most affordable and the events I've attended have been really well run. I know some of the Tracks Unlimited leadership and they're really good guys and are also responsible for bringing World Racing League to the southeast and perhaps in the future, Supermiata.
        Delanie Calhoun
        '90 Spec Miata
        '13 Ford Focus ST


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          Porsche Club and BMW Club generally do a good event with good instructors.
          Craig Farr
          Stohr WF1 P2