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2020 ALSCCA Event 3 Barber

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  • 2020 ALSCCA Event 3 Barber

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    Miles Crabbe #31
    CAMC Mustang GT
    Margay Ignite Lo206 Kart
    Probably working T&S

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    Thanks for the great event Steve! Well organized, well run, and a fun fast course! Two thumbs up, and I’m not just saying that because I beat Alan Branch by .012 sec.
    John W8
    CSP 10 Yellow Miata


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      Thanks to ALSCCA and the early crew and solo team for doing what you do. Great job!
      John W8
      CSP 10 Yellow Miata


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        Like to second W8 comments. Well run and very enjoyable event. Having the CSP class with so many entrants reminded me of the old "Marshal" badge days. Lots of braggin rights in those days. Good to see a bunch of the old hill climbers out there. Great memories and Fun times.


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          Great event, 750+ runs including reruns on a really fun course. Lot's of positive feedback on the event. Making these things happen well takes the cooperation and engagement of the entire field and most everyone did their job well.

          Special thanks to the early setup crew and especially Miles C and Chris C. They pulled some significant extra weight on operations side. Secondly Rod and Rita. Our RE always steps up for whatever is needed. Rita came out on Friday to help with setup and then Saturday to take a bunch of great pics for us and she didn't even run due to her work schedule.

          ALSCCA Autox is loaded with a bunch of great, supportive people. Much appreciation for all. It's the little things that make the biggest contributions, we have many people looking for the little things that make a difference.
          Steve Saunders
          '18 BMW M2
          BS 72