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How to attach / embed a photo

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  • How to attach / embed a photo

    When You create a new post it is possible to attach photos that are displayed imbedded when viewing the post like the sample photo attached in the bottom of this tutorial.

    There 2 ways to display photos in a post.
    1. Attach photos to the post which is what this tutorial is about. This means the photos are stored on the ALSCCA server and thus use storage space provided by ALSCCA.
    2. Link to photos hosted on own server or photoservice like PBase
    To be able to attach the photos to a post they have to meet 2 requirements
    1. Must be less than 150 kbyte in size
    2. Must not exceed the dimension of 900x900 pixels (the forum software will resize it automatically if the photo is bigger but I suggest you resize since the forum might not use the best method to resize).
    both of these requirements are in place to conserve storage space which is not unlimited. And it is expensive and all paid for by the owner Pekka.

    Be sure to check the Image posting rules for all the rules about posting photos.

    Ok first step is to prepare the photos to be attached. There is a tutorial on how to create avatars for the forum. You can use the same technique to prepare the photos. The only difference is the size and dimension You have to hit when adjusting the photo.

    When You have prepared the photos it is time to upload them to the server. To do this scroll the "New post" form down to "Additional Options". In that section You will see a box named "Attachments" inside that is a button "Manage Attachments" click on that.

    A new window opens. It is from here You locate the photos You have prepared in advance.

    Click on browse and find Your photo then click on upload.

    If the photo is too big in kbyte You will get a message like this one

    then You would need to adjust the photo until the size is accepted.

    If the photo exceed the 800x800 dimension You will get this message

    again You need to adjust the photo until the dimension is not exceeded.

    If all goes well You can close the window and return to the main form. If You scroll down to "Additional Options" You can verify that You have attached the photos. Just above the "Manage Attachments" button You will see the filenames of the photos attached.

    Then You are ready to finish the post. Write a story about the photo to make it interesting and choose the subject line wisely.

    Other usefull links:

    Image posting rules

    Tutorial: Thumbnails with link to external image
    Tutorial: Where to host my photos
    Tutorial: Creating An Avatar in Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro