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JohnW8 09-01-2020 05:55 PM

2020 Barber Club race
The race is done and 2020 has kept up its reputation. Two hurricanes scared off a few of the entrants and about a third of the volunteers. Things still got done and those that made it had some pretty good racing.

I truly wish to thank Mark Rothermel and the Tennessee Valley Region for the bulk of the work done on this event. We wouldn’t have this race without them. I also want to thank Lyle Cain and Ritamarie Thomason for their help with Friday night move in. It went smoothly and the folks at Barber were pleased. Also want to thank all the Alabama region members that helped out this weekend. It was very much appreciated. Lyle Cain and I took care of setting up grid on Friday and the lunches for the 60 workers over the two days of racing.

I wish I had been driving this event but there were too many ducks that needed to be lined up for that to happen.

It’s too bad we didn’t have spectators this weekend. Thanks Covid19! There something about spectators that adds to a race weekend. So everything felt off.
Thank you all for your support. My wish is to have more involved but I don’t know how to make that happen. There is interest or there is not. ALSCCA seems to have little interest in this event and that’s ok.

I’ve lost interest myself.

nicktcr 09-02-2020 03:39 PM

I'm glad to hear everything went so well! Let me take the time to say thank YOU, Mr. Waight for all the work you put in. It is certainly a thankless job being the cat wrangler for this event, but so many people would be without racing if folks like you and the other volunteers didn't show up!

rodhx 09-02-2020 04:21 PM

Great job as usual John! Thanks for everything you do to pull off the Barber race. It was good to see some new ALSCCA faces out helping this year but even more are needed.

We are all in debt to Mark Rothermel as he takes on a huge load to make this event happen.

rodhx 09-06-2020 06:07 PM

Here’s the list I put together of workers from both ALSCCA & TVR who were instrumental in making the club race a success. Thanks again everyone! We literally cannot do it without you.

ALSCCA Workers
ALSCCA Race Chair:
John Waight

DeFacto Assistant to Mr. W8:
Lyle Cain

Friday night move-in:
John Waight
Lyle Cain
Ritamarie ALSCCA Race Chair:
John Waight

DeFacto Assistant to Mr. W8:
Lyle Cain

Friday night move-in:
John Waight
Lyle Cain
Ritamarie Thomason

Worker lunches:
John Waight
Lyle Cain

Sean Yoder

Mat Burkett
Philip Eggers
Jason Johnston
Paul Peterson
Stephen Saunders
Craig Stanley

Race Administration
Jim Farris

Larry Nichols

John Graham
Todd Benner (special guest worker, friend of John Graham’s from Vermont)

Kim Thees

TVR Workers:
Race Chair (Jack of All Trades & doer of too much to list):
Mark Rothermel

Race Admin and Support from afar:
Craig Farr

Paul Ballance
Joe Boyd
Mike Cavanaugh
Wendell Kelley

Steve Conrad
Leon Drake

Rich Crowell
George Bugg
Devon Meadows
Ashlyn Meadows

farrout 09-07-2020 04:58 AM

2020 Barber was another successful event in the driver friendly style that ALSCCA and TVR have strived to achieve together since 2013. Rod has provided a list of those who volunteered their time and worked hard to make it a success. Thank you to everyone. The list of those who worked the weekend is long. The list of those who spent the previous 6-8 months doing the many tasks to make the event happen is sadly a bit short. For Barber to be successful it takes this sort of support from both Regions as well as the many other workers who come from the rest of SEDIV. My hat is off to both Regions for spearheading the Barber event. .

e30Racer 09-09-2020 05:19 PM

Are there links anywhere to pictures from the Club Race/TT weekend?

farrout 09-10-2020 04:48 AM

Pictures were taken by Clark McInnis. I do not know if he has posted anything yet.

FVee90 09-10-2020 08:03 AM

My thanks to all of the ALSCCA (as well as TVR) volunteers that make this happen, there weren't enough small job takers so a few things got handled by people who were already busy. Zoom was especially happy with the work done by John, Lyle, and Rita to move in Friday, much thanks from many on the lunches.
Are we in for 2021? SEDIV drivers have requested that Barber have the SIC (year end championship for SARRC by invitation) essentially with it being invitation means it is not open to everyone and our local drivers would need to go out of town for the required number of weekends to be "invited" to the RR portion. So that is one decision SIC or regular Double SARRC? Members need to speak up on that.
There is a possible opening for Friday - there is no price break on rental on Friday and options that include looking into TNIA, practice, and/or Time Trial sessions or combinations of those can be considered, but the bottom line remains that we need interested people to step up and volunteer rain or shine.
We have one if not the best racetracks in the Southeast and I think we all agree we need to use it.

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