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Originally Posted by e30Racer View Post
However, if there is no difference between the 305 and the 315, and the price is nearly the same, why can’t you run the 305?
Because they don't make it for 18in rims lol and I don't have a set 19x11 to mount them on. I could run 295s and I think Falken or Nexus makes a 305/30-18, but I would buy those purely for these events and I can't justify that.

Edit to say: I'm sorry if I came off negative, I actually am starting to like the design of this program. I saw this one issue that affects me and at least 6 other cars I can think of around the area of NCMMP. Most of them would probably go to this and wanted to make a point. I have some reservations with the safety rules with street prep cars, I'm worried about having a rash of boiled brake fluid and having some big "offs." NASA avoids this by having short open track sessions, like 10 mins. So you get a warmup lap, a hot lap, a second lap on overheated tires, pit in.
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