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Originally Posted by e30Racer View Post
That rule is only for level 1 cars (maybe level 2, I canít remember). I agree it is a weird rule. There is supposed to be a listing which will show all parts for your car and if you want something included you can request it. I havenít looked at the classes yet to see what the rules say about which parts you can change.
Understood. That makes it even more baffling and it makes your entry levels inaccessible to the majority of potential entrants for no reason other than sponsor. When I think of just sway bars & shocks I wouldn't be surprised if the Tire Rack limitation excludes 90%+ of all existing autocross cars.

To put it another way, I would be interested in going to NCM or possibly CMP and giving it a try. My Mustang has a Strano sway bar. Sounds like I'm excluded.
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