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Default 2020 Barber Club race

The race is done and 2020 has kept up its reputation. Two hurricanes scared off a few of the entrants and about a third of the volunteers. Things still got done and those that made it had some pretty good racing.

I truly wish to thank Mark Rothermel and the Tennessee Valley Region for the bulk of the work done on this event. We wouldn’t have this race without them. I also want to thank Lyle Cain and Ritamarie Thomason for their help with Friday night move in. It went smoothly and the folks at Barber were pleased. Also want to thank all the Alabama region members that helped out this weekend. It was very much appreciated. Lyle Cain and I took care of setting up grid on Friday and the lunches for the 60 workers over the two days of racing.

I wish I had been driving this event but there were too many ducks that needed to be lined up for that to happen.

It’s too bad we didn’t have spectators this weekend. Thanks Covid19! There something about spectators that adds to a race weekend. So everything felt off.
Thank you all for your support. My wish is to have more involved but I don’t know how to make that happen. There is interest or there is not. ALSCCA seems to have little interest in this event and that’s ok.

I’ve lost interest myself.
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