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My thanks to all of the ALSCCA (as well as TVR) volunteers that make this happen, there weren't enough small job takers so a few things got handled by people who were already busy. Zoom was especially happy with the work done by John, Lyle, and Rita to move in Friday, much thanks from many on the lunches.
Are we in for 2021? SEDIV drivers have requested that Barber have the SIC (year end championship for SARRC by invitation) essentially with it being invitation means it is not open to everyone and our local drivers would need to go out of town for the required number of weekends to be "invited" to the RR portion. So that is one decision SIC or regular Double SARRC? Members need to speak up on that.
There is a possible opening for Friday - there is no price break on rental on Friday and options that include looking into TNIA, practice, and/or Time Trial sessions or combinations of those can be considered, but the bottom line remains that we need interested people to step up and volunteer rain or shine.
We have one if not the best racetracks in the Southeast and I think we all agree we need to use it.
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