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Default 2018 SEDiv Time Trials

With the introduction of "Time Trial Nationals" from the SCCA National Office there has been a good deal of confusion as to how this will affect the SEDiv (Southeastern Division) Time Trial Championship of which we jointly host three events each year. The short answer is ... IT DOESN'T!

SEDiv will be using the same rules we're used to and the same classes we're used to (with the addition of CAM autocross classes) for the foreseeable future. The new format and rule set being developed for "TT Nationals" has no more effect on our current events than the format of a Match Tour has on our local Autocross events.

Attached is a super helpful FAQ from the SEDiv TT administrator as well as the rules for 2018.
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Here's the text from the FAQ....

Q - I heard that the SEDIV Time Trial program is defunct, and we won’t
have a place to race in 2018. Is this true?

A - Absolutely not. The TT program is alive and well, and the 2018 SEDIV
Time Trials schedule is posted on . This represents
the minimum schedule at this time, with potential for a full CMP event, and two
other TT events under discussion.

Q - Someone on the internet said the Level 3 Time Trial program is gone -
what does this mean?

A - The Level 3 Time Trial program is not gone, but the names have changed.
What SEDIV has historically considered a Level 3 TT event (those run
annually for the TT points championship) is now renamed “Restricted Time
Trial”, but the rules and scope for what National considers to be “Restricted
Time Trial” is still in flux.
Consequently, SEDIV will run its championship program under the “Restricted
Time Trials” name, but the rules and regulations for both Time Trial and
HillClimb events will follow the 2018 SEDIV Restricted Time Trial & Hillclimb
Rulebook, and not the SCCA TTR’s.
SCCA has re-branded events formerly known as Level 2 Club Trials as
“Unrestricted Time Trial.”

Q - What the heck is an Unrestricted Time Trial?

A - Unrestricted Time Trials (formerly Level 2 Club Trials) are events held to
accommodate cars with a lower level of safety preparation than a Level
3/Restricted TT car. These events will typically be held at a lower speed track,
at a track using a modified course layout to reduce speeds, or in a
point-to-point configuration (think of point-to-point as a flat hillclimb!)
Unrestricted Time Trials are part of an SCCA effort to increase interest in the
Time Trial program, and to allow regions which historically have not had a
strong TT presence to put on their own TT events.

Q - Will SEDIV have an Unrestricted Time Trial?

A - An Unrestricted Time Trial event will take place at Carolina Motorsports
Park during Memorial Day Weekend, but the event is not being organized by
SEDIV. Vehicle classing will follow the new structure prepared for the SCCA
Time Trials Nationals, but SEDIV is negotiating with the event management to
permit SEDIV TT members to compete using their own rules and class
structure, and hopefully permit open wheel cars to participate as well. This
information will be posted on the SEDIV TT home page as it becomes

Q - I heard that my class is going away, and I’ll be forced to run the new
classification system that they’re using at the Time Trial Nationals. I
won’t be competitive anymore! Is that true?

A - No! SEDIV intends to honor its traditional vehicle classing structure for
the 2018 season, including the GCR classes, street prepared classes, sports
racers/formula cars, etc. The 2018 regional class rules are currently under
review and pending approval.
In fact, SEDIV may be adding additional classes to allow even greater
participation. Classes currently under consideration are the SOLO Classic
American Muscle (CAM) class, ITX for LeMons/ChampCar style builds, and
Improved Touring E (ITE), which is designed as a catch-all class for roll cage
equipped production vehicles which may not fit the current SU or SPO rules. Safety regulations for Unrestricted Time Trials are still under debate at the
National level, but initial feedback is that the prep may be similar to SCCA
Targa/TNIA events.

Q - Do I still need a TT License?

A - Yes. TT Licenses are still required for Time Trials, and the Novice Permit
program is still in effect.

Q - Do I still need a logbook?

A - Yes. Any car running Restricted Time Trials requires a vehicle logbook.

Q - We lost the Daylight to Darkness (Charlotte Motor Speedway) and
CCR Memorial Monster (Carolina Motorsports Park) Time Trials for 2018.
What happened?

A - Unfortunately, timing and logistics were the culprit. CCR is hosting a
Southeast Majors (Club Racing) event at Charlotte Motor Speedway June 8-10.
Because this is a Majors, there is no room in the event schedule to slot in Time
Trials between practice sessions or run groups.
The proximity of the Majors race and Dragon Hillclimb to Memorial Day made it
not feasible to host either a Club Racing or TT event at CMP this year.
Both events will be under consideration for the 2019 event schedule.

Q - I run in SEDIV but am interested in attending the SCCA Time Trial
Nationals. What’s the deal?

A - SCCA Time Trial Nationals will be held at NCM Motorsports Park in
Bowling Green, KY, September 28-30. Format will include open lap practice
on day 1, 20 minute sessions early on day 2 to determine run groups and orders, a single-lap style time attack session on day 2, and then point-to-point
sessions on shortened track segments for day 3.
Classing is based on four levels of preparation, and is subdivided by weight
and displacement. Class rules are a work in progress and can be found here:
Delanie Calhoun
'90 Spec Miata
'13 Ford Focus ST
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