PBOC and ALSCCA at Barber

Many of you may know, some of you may not, but ALSCCA will be joining forces with PBOC (Porsche and BMW Owners Club) for a track weekend at Barber Motorsports Park on November 17-18th, 2012. ALSCCA will be running an AutoX in the parking lot both days while PBOC will be having a DE, TT, and Race on the track. This will be our second year to do it with them and hope to have an even better event than last year. Just ask anyone who came and they'll tell you it was a blast. We ho
pe that many of you will come out and run the AutoX course and have heard that some of you are already making plans and coming one and/or both days. If you'd like more info on times, cost, etc, check out the following link....


But if you're looking to get on track and run the DE, you're more than welcome to do that with PBOC (you do not have to own a Porsche or BMW to run at their event). They are a great club to run with, very professional, and run as safe an event as SCCA does. They run many of the same rules in the DE as SCCA does with the PDX. You don't have to have any on-track experience to run in the DE as they will provide great instructors to assist you, such as our very own Ricky Ragan!!! Cost of the DE is $425 for both Sat and Sun, or $300 for only Sat OR Sun.

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