Solo Year End Points

Results have been updated and are posted on Axware. Please double check the results and let us know if there are any problems.
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The year end trophies will be presented at the Annual ALSCCA Banquet taking place in January. More info on that will be posted soon.

1st Place - John Allen

1st Place - Joseph Brakhage
2nd Place - Chris Chatta

1st Place - Andrew Reynolds

B-Street Prepared
1st Place - Carville Webb

C-Street Prepared
1st Place - John Waight
2nd Place - Lyle Cain
3rd Place - Darryl Engle

Street Touring Compact
1st Place - Jeremiah Hodgens

Street Touring Roadster
1st Place - Bo Jinright
2nd Place - Rod Hardiman
3rd Place - Paul Hood

Street Touring X
1st Place - Daniel Chhit

Street Modified
1st Place - Sara Tongsuvone
2nd Place - Chaisit Tongsuvone
3rd Place - Heath Patterson

Street Modified Front-wheel Drive
1st Place - Nicholas Potochick

Super Street Modified
1st Place - Angel Diaz

Pro Class
1st Place - Dennis Sparks
2nd Place - Michael Cavanaugh

Tire Class
1st Place - Zach Hardiman
2nd Place - Sam Copeland

1st Place - Jerry Ledford
2nd Place - Tanner Powell


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