• Final few autox events

    Just wanting to update everyone on our last few solo/autocross events.  We will have our Charity event for the Shelby county Humane society on November 3rd.  We will be working with PBOC for the 16 and 17 of November while they are at Barber Motorsports Park.  This will not be a points event, but a fun two days of short track autox fun.  Our final event will be in December.  Plan ahead and make sure you have all your plans together to get every point you need for the championships your are working for.


  • Down to our final two Teen Driver Clinics of the Fall!

    Our final two Teen Driver Clinics of the Fall 2013 series are coming up on October 26th and November 9th. Limited space remains in each so if you have been considering registering please contact us at to make sure they have not reached capacity. If you are interested in attending the October 26th clinic please email or call (205.543.0002) as soon as possible.

  • Club Meeting TOMORROW

    The board meeting generally scheduled for the second Tuesday each month, will be held Tuesday, October 15. 

    Thank you.


  • TGPR "NO FRILLS" Time Trial

    The No Frills Time Trial event is scheduled for the 27th and 28th of October.  This is the next event on our schedule and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event.  We will not only have the pen-ultimate Time Trial event of the championship for 2012, we are also having a PDX with Novice and Advanced groups.  This is a lot of track time for the money.  You won't find a better event to participate in during the Halloween season.

    Full entry for the PDX is $250 - there are options of if you work the TT and run the PDX it is $100 for one day. Single day PDX (with no work) is $150. And if you instruct at the PDX and drive the PDX for 2 days it is $100 (instructor run group).
    If you are running the TT it is $250 - if you instruct in the PDX and run the TT it is $100 (that will be a busy person).
    Lots of options still a fun time, as always with this event.


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