• Registration open for Fall 2013 Teen Driver Clinics

    Registration is now open for our Fall 2013 series of Teen Driver Clinics! We will be holding clinics on October 5th, October 26th, and November 9th, all at the South Campus of Gardendale First Baptist Church.

    We are proud to have Robert Russom of RealtySouth (, Graham Hutson of The Hutson Company (, and Jim Garner of The Insurance Store ( partner with us for the Fall 2013 clinics. Their generous contributions have allowed us to secure new traffic cones for use in our exercises and produce t-shirts for the students and workers.

    Click here for more information.




  • ALSCCA Rallycross # 3



    I know what you're thinking. When was RX # 2 and 3? Well we had one in March. Event #2 was cancelled. So, here we have it. RX #3 is Aug 17th @ Shag Bark. 160 Shag Bark Drive. Harpersville, AL 35078.

    Registration and tech will be in the morning day of event. Members $30. Non-members $35. 

    This will be a one-day event. Saturday the 17th.




  • North vs South Autocross event

    This Saturday and Sunday will be the annual North vs South autocross event held by the TVR and Alabama regions.  Please see the forum or facebook pages for more information on rules and how to sign up. 


  • It's almost time for racing!

    We just wanted to throw out some quick news to those who will be working/driving the event this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park.

    At last count, we have 166 drivers representing thirteen states attending this year's event.  We even have a few drivers that are coming all the way from California just to be here with us this weekend!  There are also 88 men and woman signed up to make sure this event goes successfully and without them I assure you we could not go green.  We appreciate all of the support!

    If you are attending the Saturday night social at the track, we have decided to make it a BYOB meal.  This was mainly because of concerns of Hurricane Issac and also about making sure we are at least profitable after this years event.  I am however happy to announce that the box lunches will no longer be including Kaiser Rolls for bread!  You will have a choice between wheat and white sandwich bread this year.

    The social will include a prime rib carving station, served with an array of soft serve crusty rolls with Au Jus and Horseradish Dill Sauce, chicken fingers with sweet and sour and honey mustard sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, a vegetable medley, tossed salad, and assorted pie slices!  We had the prime rib last year and it was amazing.

    Some notable local club IT drivers to be looking out for at the track this weekend is Chuck Baddar, John Waight, Stephen Patterson, Clayton Pannell, and Richard Pannell.

    See you at the track!

  • Points 7 Solo recap

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Points 7 Solo event at Oak Mountain Amphitheater on Sunday, August 19th.  It was quite a full day of work, fun, and weather.  We started the day off with, in my opinion as Co-chair, a terrible start.  When you see myself, and John Waight, doing registration and Cashier, you know that terrible things are happening.  Mark was out designing his course, with the help of a Safety steward who showed up early, and a Novice (that is what we like to see).  So I was in the trailer trying to thumb my way through registration and cashier.  Luckily John Waight held pity on me, and decided he would help out (probably because I snapped at a few people, and he was trying to make sure I didn't come out of the trailer and destroy the computers on the way).  I apologize if I snapped at any of you, it was quite an experience handling all of that on my own, the definition of trial by fire.  The good thing is, we have loads of great people that step up when needed, and everything else gotten taken care of on the course, in paddock, and in Tech.

    On to the late start, and wonderful morning weather.  We really couldn't have asked for a better morning of weather for autocross.  After our last three events, and several events in TVR being unbelievably hot, we finally had some nice 80 degree southern weather.  We battled the mud, and "rally" section of our autocross course with flying colors.  The afternoon, that was a different story.  We saw the rain coming, literally.  We had two cars on course that had a SpaFrancorchamps like experience.  Dry at start, wet on the sweeper, dry at the finish.  From then on, it was wet but drying for the first run group, and then a full wet experience for the second run group.  Personally, I enjoy driving in the rain, it makes the experience complete.  It is amazing the grip you can get in the rain!

    John Waight ended the day on top with Fastest Time of the Day at a 31.1.  Dennis Sparks and his crew were flying in the RX-8.  And Jerry Ledford once again walked away with the Novice class.  Videos of many of the runs are in the message board.

    See ya at the Labor Day race!

    - John Kilgore, Solo Co-Chairperson

  • Registration is now open for the Fall 2012 Teen Driver Clinics

    We are pleased to announce registration is now open for the Fall 2012 Teen Driver Clinics! Clinics will be held on September 29, October 20, & November 3. All will be held at the South Campus of Gardendale First Baptist Church in Gardendale, Alabama. Please see the Teen Driver Clinic section of the website for additional information, or email


  • Recognizing recent achievements by TVR members

    The ALSCCA would like to acknowledge the recent group of competitors from our nearby TVR club that participated in the Peru National Tour and represented Alabama well.

    Brandon Davis 8th in SS
    Cheryl Davis 9th in SSL
    Dennis Sparks 1st in STX
    Chris Sparks 6th in STX
    Lee Chhit 7th in STX
    Daniel Chhit 8th in STX
    Laura Campbell 7th in BSP
    Mark Strong 3rd in Road Tire RWD

    The full results from the event can be found here

    -John Kilgore, Solo Co-Chair


  • Autocross Points 6 In Review

    On Sunday July 29 the ALSCCA held Points 6 of 10 for our 2012 Solo season.  After a week full of rain and storms, we had a weekend that was almost unbearable.  John Waight said it best, "I stopped by the Convenience Store this morning and the sign said 85 degrees and 94% humidity"  and that was at 7:45 in the morning.  Needless to say it was going to be a hot one.  Nick Vagner was back at the helm designing the course.  It looked like it was going to be a super fast course during the walk-through.  I heard chatter about "drag launch, drag start, no brakes till the 3rd feature" all morning long.  This had the paddock in a buzz. 

    We had a good showing of 61 drivers, even with several regulars at other National events, and our normal loss of those that just can't stand the heat.  By the 4th or 5th car through the finish gates, suddenly the vibe had changed.  The course was not what people had expected.  Nick had managed to create a very technical course, that was also very fast.  It took everyone by surprise.  Times were hovering in the 50.0 to 52.0 sec range for the majority of the morning.  Finally on the last run of the first group, Sara Tongsuvone broke the streak and put down a 49 sec run.  By the end of the morning, just before lunch, FTD was sitting in the low 49 sec range and looked like it was going to be a fight between John Waight, Brandon Davis, and Sara Tongsuvone.  There was definitely a fight to be had at the end of the day, but Brandon Davis ended up bringing a gun to a knife fight, when he pulled up to the line with sticker Hoosier tires.  The first run he laid down was a 47.1, with a cone.  Everyone knew that the time was there, he just had to clean it up.    The next run was a 47.0, clean, and it was done.  Brandon had once again walked away with FTD, as well as top PAX. 

    We look forward to a bit of a break, after 3 events in one month.  Our next event is planned for August 19th, we hope to see you there.

    - John Kilgore, Solo Co-chair

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