• NO club meeting

    There will be NO club meeting tonight.  We will continue the club meeting normal schedule in February.


    Thank you,

    John Kilgore


  • Solo Pass and Test n Tune

    The Solo Season Pass is now available for purchase on the Axware Software ALSCCA Clubstore, linked here.  It will also be available for purchase via cash/card at the first 4 events of the Season.  The Solo Season Pass will give you access to all Open Test n Tunes (2 planned for 2013 so far) and all 11 Solo Events, for $250.  

    The Winter Test n Tune registrations are now available on Axware ORM.  The Saturday Test n Tune is open to everyone and is $30 for members who register online, $40 for non members who register online.  Members who show up at the gate to register will pay $35, non members will pay $45.  If you register online, you do not have to pay online, you can still show up and pay $30 or $40, but we are looking to get everyone to register online so we can have a better idea of how many people are planning to come to our events.



  • 2012 Awards and Trophies & 2013 Leadership Positions and BoD

    Congratulations to all of our 2012 Award and Trophy Recipients!!!

    National Driver of the Year:  Brandon Dixon
    Regional Driver of the Year:  Chuck Baader
    Time Trial Driver of the Year:  Andy Tow
    Mechanic of the Year:  Ricky Ragan
    Hardluck Award:  Heath Patterson
    Race Worker of the Year:  Hans Mohnen
    Spirit of Rally Award:  Ron Foley
    Spirit of ALSCCA Award:  Rod Hardiman
    Most Involved Member:  Michael Cholewa


    Presenting your 2013 Leadership Positions and Board of Directors!!!

    Leadership Positions:

    RE:  John Kilgore
    Asst RE:  Sam Copeland
    Secretary:  Sara Tongsuvone
    Treasurer:  Michael Cholewa

    Board of Directors:

    Matt Williams
    Rod Hardiman
    Vince Coker
    Casey Stallings
    Michael Cholewa
    Edwin Cunill
    Sara Tongsuvone
    John Kilgore
    Mark Kilgore
    Sam Copeland
    Nick Vagner


  • Board Member Nominations


    During the ALSCCA Banquet, happening Saturday, January 12th, 2013, the members of ALSCCA will be voting on the Board of Directors and Leadership Positions for the 2013 year.  If you have someone you would like to nominate, please email those nominations to the ALSCCA Secretary, Sara Tongsuvone, at

    Please ask permission of the person you're nominating before nominating them.

    Positions are below:

    Regional Executive (RE)

    Assistant Regional Executive



    Board of Directors

    Thank you for making the club the best that it can be!!!  See you at the Banquet!!!



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