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    We at ALSCCA have a great core group that is involved in most everything that the club puts together.  If you want to become more involved, or just want to see some pictures and events that might not get posted on the website or you may miss on the forum, then please visit our Facebook page.


  • Autocross Points 5 Wrap-Up

    On Sunday July 15th we had the Points 5 event of our 2012 season for Solo (autocross).  The events weather was a welcome change to the North vs South event that was the last weekend of June.  Although the summers are blistering hot here in the south, we try to keep the events steady.  Points 5 was the second event in 2 weeks and the middle event of a 3 event/4 week push that we are trying to accomplish in June and July.

    We had several of our regulars MIA for this event, including those that generally register and run timing.  This could have been a nightmare for us, but we have great club members that stepped up and our Timing system ran with minimal issues through out the day.  Our registration went flawless and we are having an increase in the revenue stream with online payments and debit/credit card payments on site. 

    The event saw 65 registered drivers, but due to some breaking and some DNF'ing all their runs, only 53 drivers posted times.  We had 25 different classes represented, and our Novice group had 10 drivers.  Jerry Ledford was at the top of the Novice board in his STX 24 BMW 325i.  His fastest run was his final run with a 37.042 raw time (30.448 PAX).  That actually ended up putting Jerry at the top spot for PAX runners from the Alabama region.  The Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) was set by TVR's Brandon Davis in his "wife's Mothers Day present" ZO6 at a 34.693.  The Fastest Pax Time was also set by a TVR member, Dennis Sparks, in his STX Mazda RX8 at a 29.278 PAX time (35.619 Raw time).  The complete listing of times can be found on our Axware page here, and you must be logged in to see the times.

    Our next event is going to be Points 6 on July 29th at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater. See ya then.

    John Kilgore - Solo Co Chairperson

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